Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson make British duo Alpines, an electropop band from Kingston upon Thames, South London.  Excited by their upcoming album, Alpines stopped by our Penthouse at St Martins Lane to play an intimate and stripped back version of their latest single ‘Oasis’ for 1883 Magazine. Between takes, we managed to have a few words with Bob and Catherine and this is what they shared with us.

Where does the name Alpines come from?
We went on a trip very early on when we met, to the mountains, just to kind of get inspiration and write. I just thought it would be a really nice kind of word, and it came from that trip and that period, and alpines are actually plants that live in the highest regions of the mountains and they’re very hardy and survive through all kinds of different temperatures and climates, so yeah that’s kind of it.

What are you guys doing with 1883 Magazine at St Martins Lane?
So we were asked to do a session with 1883, and for the first time actually for this, we’ve done a track very kind of stripped back, with me on piano organ, and Rob on base. It’s a track called ‘Oasis‘, which is the first single from the new album which is also called ‘Oasis‘, and we hope you enjoy it.

How do you get inspired to be able to write your own songs?
We get a lot of our ideas when we’re driving. I think it’s because you’re kind of moving and thinking at the same time. Travelling generally, that’s where most of the inspiration come from really.

Alpines’ debut album is coming out on 26 May 2014.
CLICK HERE to watch 1883 Sessions with Alpines.

*Filmed and photographed by Nicolas Pagani.