It’s bath time for Nik Thakkar. The talented creative and style influencer takes over one of our luxurious Suites at Sanderson London to enjoy a very relaxing and well deserved break with his favourite stress buster: Tom Ford‘s Private Blend Oud CollectionJust watching this video sheds days of pent up anxiety:

About The Oud Collection
Tom Ford’s Private Blend Oud collection is an olfactive journey that explores three mesmerizing and sensual facets of oud, a sweet, woody and aromatic ingredient in perfumes. Exotic spices and a blend of sandwood and patchouli give the line three new distinct fragrances – Oud Wood, Tobacco Oud and Oud Fleur showcasing Tom Ford’s  mastery of this rare and precious ingredient.

The collection of three oud fragrances also features three bath and body products that offer sumptuous new ways to wear this unforgettable note, creating a complete world of oud within Tom Ford Private Blend. Oud Wood body moisturizer, Oud Wood shower gel and Oud Wood bath soap are perfumed with the original Oud Wood fragrance.

Nik, how did it all come about and why did you guys choose Sanderson for this shoot?
When we were working on the creative for ‘An Ode To Oud’ with Tom Ford we wanted a standalone bath tub like the one featured in Bertolucci’s I Sognatori/The Dreamers. The plan was always to shoot at night with sparse light focussing on the intimacy of the story – the Loft Suite with Balcony at Sanderson provided the perfect space – tranquil, luxury and somewhat elusive. The unique structure of the room is a one of a kind in London with a certain artistic dissonance. The outdoor terrace itself provided a perfect view of the City during filming breaks on a warm Spring evening.