Elevated Cocktail Hour with Virgin America

The holiday season is all about loved ones, travel and let’s be honest… the odd spiked holiday drink. As you head on your merry way, you can now have a little taste of Morgans Hotel Group, 35,000 miles in the air. We’ve paired up with Virgin America to introduce a set of signature cocktails created by famed mixologist and Creative Director of Henry, A Liquor Bar, Ryan Chetiyawardana.

Henry‘s Winter menu will be introduced in the new year, but in the meantime, the next time you fly Virgin America, cozy up to a Big Apple Jack, piping hot coffee, Jack Daniels, lime and a splash of apple juice. Or if you’re looking to kill time at Loft at LAX, order the Calimocho, it will bring you back to pure bliss at Mondrian Los Angeles‘ Skybar lounge. Red wine fizzed with Coca-Cola, served on the rocks with a splash of lemon.

When it comes to wooing guests, Ryan is internationally known for his unique and inventive cocktail creations. When in New York, he spends hours at markets and locavore restaurants seeking inspiration for Henry‘s seasonal cocktail menus. What sets Ryan’s technique apart is his lab gear, which is typically used by molecular gastronomists, allowing him to cold distill fresh produce, creating powerful flavors for his cocktails.