Lithuanian Designer Milda Cergelyte introduces her new collection by straying from the conventional catwalk reveal. For her latest line, Milda premiered her styles in one of our Loft Suites at Sanderson in London and we went “back stage” to capture all the prep. “Jewell”, as her new collection is called, was inspired by Princess Julia, famous English DJ and song writer from the Blitz Kids club scene in the 80′s.

With such a bright personality, Milda specifically chose sweet pieces of fabrics and hand-embroidered with sequins, which drew inspiration from the silhouette during austerity period, when it was forbidden to use more material than allowed for each design. Used jewellery is rebellious within the fact that at the time people were not allowed to use luxurious fabrics and applications. Milda ustiliased provoking innumerable applications and used sewing diamonds, deconstructed jackets and pockets decorated on the outside of the garment. Tailoring takes a masculine approach combining silk, satin, cotton satin and hand embroidered lace.

Apart from her passion for tailoring, Milda likes to experiment with the deconstructed  feminine style while using applications such as embroidery working on couture techniques.

Designer: Milda Cergelyte – MIMI.C

Model: Gerda Obelieniute

Photographer:  Aleksandra Kingo

Make-up:  Neringa Sutkute

Location: Sanderson London

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