#TheFashionClass: Patrick Melville

When it comes to New York Fashion Week and the stress behind-the-scenes, Patrick Melville and his business partner Rick Wellman are no strangers. Co-owners of the Patrick Melville Salon, Patrick and Rick joined forces in 2007 to offer their services at a chic salon in Rockefeller Center. Their business has drawn a-list clientele from Heidi Klum to Brooke Sheilds and Tom Cruise. Patrick, a former boxer from England, began his career in London for British Vogue and has since then styled the covers of W, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. Rick, on the other hand, was born in Ohio and over the course of his 20 year career, has become known as one of the most innovative colorists in the world.


We know that a good hair style seals the deal of a chic runway look; however, we had to ask about those (inevitable) unglamorous moments that take place over Fashion Week.

   “At one show a few years ago the look was a high ponytail.  All was running smoothly until a model came in with short hair. So we did what needed to be done, we attached a piece of hair to resemble a long, chic ponytail.  I had all the girls ready and everyone was in line with seconds to go before the show started. One by one the girls walk out onto the runway and as soon as the girl with short hair strutted out, her ponytail fell completely off… in front of everyone.”- Patrick Melville
   “One show I was directed to blow dry each model section by section, creating a super glossy finish. Just as we finished, one model came running in and out of breath. The lead stylist took one look at the frazzled (hung over) and apologetic beauty and demanded everyone stop working. After observing her disheveled hair, he yelled “This is exactly what I want!” Everyone was to dampen all models’ hair and let nature do its course. Voila! Bed Head for all girls on the runway.- Rick Wellman