High Voltage Art

A splash of artistic inspiration will hit SoHo this week, with the start of Volta NY on Mercer Street, March 6-9. The art show will merge edgy and contemporary artists, both up and coming and established, with some of the most sophisticated art collectors in the world.  VOLTA was originally founded in Switzerland at the highly respected and well-attended Art Basel. In anticipation of this year’s exhibition, we asked our friends at Volta NY for a recap of some of the most exciting participating artists.

Artist: Biggs and Collings
Gallery: Vigo Gallery

“Biggs and Collings have mastered patchwork paintings of color fields that draw you into their meditative qualities.”

Artist: Cullen Washington Jr.
Gallery: Jack Bell Gallery

“Cullen Washington Jr. works with abstracting identity and experience. He uses texture, with patterns that often resemble a quilt. This artist’s work has recently been purchased for the Harlem Studio Museum collection.”

Artist: Todd Kelly
Gallery: Asya Geisberg Gallery

 ”Todd artist makes beautiful use of layers, pattern and vibrant colors for beautiful and gaudy pieces”

Artist: Michael Buhler-Rose
Gallery: Scaramouche

“A very cerebral and conceptual artist”

Artist: Jeffrey Gibson
Gallery: Marc Straus

“Jeffrey Gibson’s work pops with bold and bright neon colors, carrying a lot of history as well. His work references his Native American heritage as well as the LGBT community and the 80/90s New York club scene.”

Artist: Tim Kent
Gallery: Slag Gallery

“Very atmospheric and romantic pieces.”

Artist: Duhirwe Rushemeza
Gallery: NOMAD Gallery

“Duhirwe’s sculptural paintings connect African iconography and pattern with objects of decay.”