Lorenzo Agius Exhibition at Sanderson London

 The Horsebox Gallery is bringing another exclusive and playful exhibition to Sanderson London. This time, we had the pleasure of hanging out with celebrity photographer Lorenzo Agius, the centrepiece of the exhibit. Known for his unique, intimate and often comical portraits of the ‘stars’, Agius made his mark in the world of photography with his seminal images for the ground breaking film Trainspotting. Since then he has been considered the pre-eminent celebrity photographer of our time.

How much planning do you like to do before you start shooting?
Generally I get very little time to plan the shoots as far as ideas, but I always manage to fit an interesting situation into the shoot somewhere. Also it’s better not to plan too much as it can stop one from being spontaneous.

You spend most of your time between Los Angeles and London. How different are the two cities from one another? 
They are polar opposites in terms of weather, people, and  lifestyle. What I love about working in the UK is that people are very down to earth and things seem more real. Usually my subjects are a little more relaxed and willing to give of themselves; edgier and cooler.

In LA things are very controlled and predictable and it is harder to get the subjects to always play along. But on a plus side, it’s Hollywood and anything is possible.

Humour is present in most of your compositions: tell us your funniest joke.
Your funniest joke!!!

Your photographs include a reference to British culture, what would be the most quintessentially British thing to do whilst visiting the UK?
Tea is a very British thing to do. I did a great shoot with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer and Erin O Conner. I wanted to do a women’s institute afternoon tea shoot with the three of them. It was hilarious to shoot them all dressed up and it is that tongue in cheek sense of humor that the British do best.

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Lorenzo’s exhibition is open at Sanderson London through 14 February 2014
Monday – Friday (12 – 6pm)

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