Alexis Knox lives and breaths the essence of London fashion each day as a stylist. For this LFW, we have asked her to take us back stage to see exactly what the preparation of a runway show entails. 

How much planning do you like to do before every show?
I work with a designer called Grinko, who shows on schedule in Milan Fashion week and I will go to Milan at least four times a season for at least two days of full prep each time. We work together throughout the whole season on the collection. Styling the show is so much more than just turning up and getting the models dressed. I work on Grinko’s trend predictions, through to design elements of the pre and main collections. I help create the hair and makeup looks as well as organizing accessories sponsorship. Plus there’s the casting and fittings. It’s a big job, but we have an amazing team so its as well as being a big job it’s a really fun one!

Why do you think London attracts so many creatives?
London has such a rebellious attitude. We are not slaves to trends. We nurture young designers who set the trends for the rest of the world to follow.

Best spot to shop in London?
Without a doubt it would be Machine A in Soho. Machine A supports new and emerging designers long before the rest of the fashion world catches on.

Out of all the Fashion Weeks in the world, which one is your favourite and why?
I love LCM, I find that’s where my favourite trends emerge. I feel the most ground breaking ideas happen during LCM.

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