#TheFashionClass: Emily Bungert

Public Relations in New York City is a fierce industry, not for the faint of heart. It takes years to build contacts, reputation and credibility and mere seconds to loose it all. Emily Bungert has certainly proven her strength over the past 14 years as she is now President and Partner of People’s Revolution. Emily’s perspective is unique, one from in the trenches and behind-the-scenes of New York Fashion Week’s glamorous exterior. We asked Emily about the ins and outs of her week backstage.

“This was one of the best Fashion Weeks of my career, my team did a really great job (which makes a huge difference in my mood and well being),  each show was a major win! There were so many high points throughout the week, but I loved the Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan show, it’s the collection I’m looking forward to wearing this fall. Also, I was excited to receive both limited edition Longchamp bags, which are a highly coveted item in the fashion industry as they are only handed to those sitting front row at Jeremy’s show! The Nicholas K show was a big hit, the models wore really cool asymmetrical bobs styled by Jon Reyman of Aveda.”