Treasures in the Cupboard

Our friends at Other Criteria have put together a cupboard of treasures, oddities and limited edition works of art to display at Sanderson during Frieze Art Fair. We stopped by the pop up shop this morning to see what wild and original items we could find.


For those who want to take pantless photocopier pictures to the next level:
Black Bottoms by Tim Noble & Sue Webster


For the lovers: a free standing sculpture edition in coloured resin, moulded from the plaster cast of their entwined hands and forearms.
Love is a Bird, Love is a Burden by Sarah Lucas and Olivier Garbay



For those who always wanted a bronze sculpture of their private parts:
Portraits from the Bottom Up by Tim Noble and Sue Webster



For those that always wondered what their last meal would like:
Last Meal on Death Row by Matt Collishaw

And, for the bug lover:
Insecticide Wallpaper by Matt Collishaw

Other Criteria’s Cupboard is open at Sanderson from 1pm until 9pm daily through 20 October 2013.