For the past few months, photographer Alistair Guy has taken up residence at our gorgeous Sanderson & St Martins Lane hotels in London, working on his latest exhibition for AW14 London Collections: MEN.

Alistair’s four past exhibits featured  portraits of prominent people in the fashion industry, but his new work focuses on a new concept: “Hollywood Glamour”. Mr Guy explains: “ It is a really simple idea, I originally wanted to shoot actors for my fifth exhibition, and then the White Shirt concept grew from there.”

Hugh Harris & Todd Lynn
Shot at St Martins Lane London

Influenced by a National Portrait Gallery exhibition Glamour of the Gods, Alistair choose to shoot old-fashioned black and white photos with all models wearing a classic men’s staple: the white shirt. Casting from men he knows “about town”, Guy says of his subjects: “They are handsome guys, but I also chose them for their diverse looks…they all have strong and interesting faces.”

David Gandy
Shot at Sanderson London

“David is so professional. He started ‘working’ before I even picked up the camera”, explains Alistair. Guy chose to capture them on film using a medium format Mamiya RZ67 camera. “Film is more considerate and real, it’s less throwaway than digital. I only shot two or three rolls on each person, which gave me more pressure to get the shot – but that is what film is all about.”

Jack Guinness & Sascha Bailey
St Martins Lane London

Alistair adds: “The studios were so perfect and minimal with excellent natural light which worked so well for my shoots for the exhibition.”

A behind the scenes look into the White Shirts photo shoot at Sanderson & St Martins Lane:


Photographer:  Alistair Guy
Models: David GandyJack GuinnessTodd Lynn, Hugh Harris, Sascha Bailey, and more.
Location: SandersonSt Martins Lane in London


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