Happily Ever After for Josefin & Fredrik

Love is in the air. Each one of our hotels offers its own take on romance and glamour, coupled with breathtaking views of a vibrant city, relaxing ocean or an enchanted garden. Morgans Hotel Group takes pride in the fact that we have the perfect destinations for your special day. Follow us every month as we share with you stories of our beautiful brides on their wedding day.

The Happy Couple: Josefin & Fredrik

The Story:

Fredrik and I first met at a friend’s party on a lovely summer night back in 2001. We’re from a place where everyone knows everyone, so you can imagine my surprise to meet this beautiful man for the first time! I moved to Ireland for a year’s work right after that party; however, the next summer our paths crossed and we started dating. Once again our life plans got in the way of our relationship developing, as I was planning to travel the world and Fredrik was about to go off to college. Despite the time apart we couldn’t stop thinking about each other. One and a half years later, on Christmas day, my friend called Fredrik on my behalf to see if he was still single. We finally started dating again and that summer we moved in together and have been happily a couple ever since.

The Location: Royalton

We wanted our wedding to be small and intimate, yet grand and so we decided on New York City. After thorough research, Royalton stood out as the most attractive option for our wedding. Penthouse A had that perfect New York feel I wanted, the service was reassuring and Royalton’s recommendations for a florist, make up artist and hair dresser were great. Upon arrival, we knew we had made the best choice. The hotel is warm and welcoming yet, sophisticated and we were treated like royalty by the lovely staff. On the actual wedding day, we were really impressed by the level of service provided throughout the reception, everything ran smoothly and we could just focus on just having a good time.

Most Memorable Moment:

After our wedding ceremony, which was so beautiful and special, our most memorable moment was arriving back at Royalton. The Penthouse had that “New York City” feel I envisioned. The lighting, the table settings and floral arrangements, the view, our friends and family with cocktails in their hands, greeting us as we arrived… all of it gave me a rush of excitement and happiness that I will never forget!

The Blushing Bride:

The Decor:

The View:

 Photography Credit: Alice Ljungberg